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Below are the rules you should know before adding any new content.

Never self-promote: Do not self-promote no matter what You can be banned from this wiki if you do so. The only way to self-promote over here is post your own story and/or blog, so I hope you do that.

Links: Never add links and are inappropriate or not related. Yes, it is advised to add referrals and hyperlinks, but they should have some context.

Other Important things: The content you post must be neutral at all times and should not harm any caste, religion, region, race or community. Do not try to add your opinion and make sure that the content you write can be verified.

Stories: You are allowed to post your own stories in discussion and user blog. Just remember that the should be appropriate for people of all ages. Try to upload an introductory picture. Stories are allowed to be protected. Never make a page to write the story. Mention if the story is not yours.

Blogs: Never copy other people's blogs and post it over here. Remember to add table of contents and many links to help the reader navigate. You are allowed to add a referral of your own site and the end of your blog. You can (advised) protect your blogs but try to update them if something changes. Try to upload an introductory picture. Please make a page for the blog.

Readlinks: Try to make the pages which are redlinked. It is highly recommended.

Fanfictions or fanarts: All work of fanfictions or fanarts are accepted here. Just that they should be appropriate for all ages and should be original.

NOTE: anything is not yours and you are still posting it, be sure to cite, or else you can be banned...

An author over here can make a page on his/or character and book too. Bloggers, vloggers and web-developers can also make a page about their works. It will not be counted as self promotion.

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