ThoughtsofKairav Wiki

Want to know how you can get started and what all you can contribute over here? This page is made for you to know just that!

Some Advice:

Adhere to self-promotion criteria.
Always upload relevant and appropriate Content.
Formatting Pages
Always type out this: {{MssageBox at-end}} at the end of each page which is talking about the details about this wiki.

How to edit:

On the top of any page you visit, there would be an option of either "Editing" or "Viewing source". If there is an option to edit, then you can easily edit by just clicking on the edit button and going to the part where you want to edit. Then, you can either edit by the "Source editor" mode or the "Visual Editor" mode. If it is a template, there would only be an option of source editing.

What all you should and can edit:

You should edit if you find any of the following:

  • Grammatical mistake
  • Incorrect information/content
  • Spelling mistake
  • Censor bad language/inappropriate content and inform administrators.
  • Edit and remove emojis: A professional wiki shouldn't contain any emojis. So unless and until it is a blog post or the discussion page, remove the emojis.
  • Glitches or incorrect code in templates

You can edit these:

  • Less information pages
  • Adding links to disambiguation pages.

Adding content:

The Content you add should be:

  • Relevant
  • Appropriate
  • Neutral (Unbiased)
  • Should not self-promote
  • Related to the wiki
  • Should follow all the Wiki Rules
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