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If you are a WordPress site-developer with at least a premium subscription, you may have noticed this page (IMG 1.2) :

IMG 1.2

Now, If you go to the “Change your name servers and DNS records”, you would have noticed that there are already some DNS records (by going to DNS records). So, let me begin by telling what DNS records are.

What are DNS records?

DNS (domain name systems) records are also know as zone files. They provide information about a domain and also help in redirection purposes. These records are made up of text files in DNS syntax. They also help in mapping URLs (Uniform Resource Locators )to IP (Internet protocol) addresses. So for example, if you want a part of you site to go to, you can simply type its IP address in the DNS record system and add a sub-domain to your site. For instance: would point to

Types of DNS records

There are many types of DNS records. I will be telling you about the ones offered by


It specifies redirects from the sub-domains of your domains to the other domains or sub-domains. It is the preferred form or redirecting because of the fact that IP addresses can change without notifying.


“A” specifies an IP address to your domain or subdomain. You just have to enter the IP address and name your subdomain.


It simply maps a domain name to the IP address of the computer.


It specifies where the emails for you own domain would be delivered.


TXT is used to store text information related to your own Domain.


SRV stands for Service Protocol and it specifies on an IP address and a port.